About Us

e.Technical Consulting was established in 1980 as a privately-owned and independent Claim Consultants Company.

e.Technical Consulting provides to the policy’s Holder a high level of skilled advisors in the handling of the major claims occurred under the builder’s policies as:

  • CAR (Construction All Risks) or Builders risks;
  • EAR (Erection All Risks);
  • CPM (Contractors Plant & Machinery Policy);
  • Marine Cargo Insurance Policies.

e.Technical Consulting also provides assistance and advice to their clients regarding the management of the claim, that consists in:

  • Identification of the causes;
  • Proper and deep investigations combined by specific and technical analysis if any;
  • Risk analysis compared to the occurrence and loss mitigation analysis;
  • Cost quantification analysis, construction of a proper spreadsheet compared with the damage, collection and analysis of the supporting documents;
  • Negotiation and settlement of the claim